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To the quality of survival, management and development, to enhance the credibility of services

To the quality strives for the survival, to management for development, increase the reputation with service

Daqing Huali Machinery Manufacturing

Industrial equipment

The station is divided, injection device and central control system

The oil production six plant test team static mixer, liquid recycler

Shanghai meiya enterprise group kazakhs export equipment

The plant is injected into the plant and the south 2-4 oil station

The four factories of oil production, xingbei 1, xingbei 2, apricot 10, etc., are transformed and filter equipment

Jiangnan company plus medicine and filter

Oil production five factories of apricot 13, decentralized, central control and sewage hoisting equipment

A double-layer expansion fine strainer in the northern part of the production line

The installation of a sewage plant in the oil production of seven plants

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